Finally, Here’s My Blog

People have been poking me to write a blog for forever now, so here it is.  This blog is for all the fun stuff I do in the SCA.  A large chunk of that is my research on the history of math, so watch for posts on that topic on Mondays.  Another big chunk of what I do is fingerloop braiding, which will soon be coming to a blog post near you on Fridays.  Then there’s all the other stuff I do, like  singing, embroidery, cooking, and tablet weaving, as well as volunteering and having opinions about things.  Those items will come up on Wednesdays. 


With the current size of my back catalog of writings, I may not post much new content until this blog has been going for a while.  Never fear, I will mix up the old and new some, since I don’t think I can carry on posting three times a week forever.