How to Make a Warband

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How to create a Warband

Have an idea

After naming this site "Weaselpedia", I thought "maybe I can make a Warband featuring Weasels". There are currently two Weasel figures in the game line, a "Weasel Rogue" and a "Drunken Weasel" and who doesn't love a good Drunken Weasel? Then I was thinking about who these Weasels might be while browsing Facebook and someone posted a photo montage of Alan Tudyk's acting work including...the Duke of Weaseltown! I could use the Weasel Rogue for the Duke and the Drunken Weasel for his idiot nephew.

Clearly this would be a Royalist Warband, what with the Duke being a staunch aristocrat. He may be a thieving scheming bastard, but he's a proud thieving scheming bastard. Now a Royalist Warband has the following starting advantages:

Expert Training – Two of your characters have their Strike dice is improved by one level, to a maximum of d12.
Den – You may choose either the Town Building or the Ruined Farm. Either way, it begins with the Smithy Upgrade.

Royalist magic users may choose from the Natural, Light, Noble and Unbound spell lists.

I might give the Strike bonuses to the Leader and Second (representing their aristocratic martial training) or I might give them to the Duke's bodyguards, Erik and Francis.

The Town Building would seem more appropriate for Weaseltown, and will provide me with d4 Materials, worth 6-24 pennies per turn, assuming I don't have to sell them. Expanding Weaseltown with Upgrades should be a piece of cake. The Smithy will likewise ensure I never have to pay for arms and armour and will let me slowly upgrade my Warband's Armour over time.

We'll decide on Schools of magic later when we build Spellcasters. Each Spellcaster can choose a different School so if we have more than one School in the Warband, that can really free up our options.

Fearless Leader

Duke of Weaseltown

The Weasel Rogue mini is kitted out with a club, dagger, and armor of some kind, so I started my initial build that way.

Move Strike Block Ranged Nimble Conceal Aware Fortitude Presence
d8 d8 d6 d6 d8 d6 d6 d6 d6

Fearless, Medium Size

36 Weasel / Stoat
8 Club
8 Dagger
15 Light Armour

I'm a tad concerned about the d6 Presence in case Weaseltown starts losing units faster than their opponents, but the Duke is a renowned Coward, so we'll leave it where it is. With nothing else to go on but his weapons, let's give him a bonus to Strike. This will really come in handy with the +2 Strike bonus from dual-wielding. Given his status as a big target and his mistrust of Magic, we'll give him Resist Magic, which will help him avoid and survive spells.

Critter cost: 67

Second in Command

Alistair of Weaseltown

Now the Duke has a fear of sorcery, having been banished from Arendelle by the Demon Queen Elsa, but perhaps the idiot nephew isn't really an idiot after all and is a Magician in Disguise!

The Drunken Weasel has a jug, a dagger, and a few armoury bits but if we're gonna make him a Spellcaster, we can leave off the armour for greater effect. Weak will hurt his ability to do damage with the dagger either way, but he doesn't want to cast spells in melee if he can help it.

Move Strike Block Ranged Nimble Conceal Aware Fortitude Presence
d8 d8 d6 d6 d8 d6 d6 d6 d6

Fearless, Medium Size

36 Weasel / Stoat
15 Mage's Focus
8 Throwing Daggers
15 Spells x 3

For Skills, Inspire is tempting in that it would give Alistair yet one more different type of action or Paladin would allow him to wear that armour unhindered, but Gifted looks really cool in that it would provide a hefty bonus to Spellcasting.

Haste, Curse, and Cure all look like Spells that Alistair could easily pull off without his uncle noticing, so let's go with all 3, which will also give Alistair Delicate(3) and Weak(3). Alistair is now a Natural Magic caster.

Critter cost: 74

The Best of the Rest

For the tall guard Erik, let's go with a Massive mini. The Badger Mercenary figure has a two-handed weapon and at least Heavy Armour.


Move Strike Block Ranged Nimble Conceal Aware Fortitude Presence
d8 d8 d6 d6 d6 d4 d6 d8 d10

Strong (3), Tough (2), Fearsome, Massive Size

65 Badger
13 Maul
25 Heavy Armour

Critter cost: 103

For the short guard (who is still taller than the Duke), we'll go with a Large Creature like the Fox Rogue.


Move Strike Block Ranged Nimble Conceal Aware Fortitude Presence
d8 d8 d6 d8 d6 d4 d6 d6 d8

Strong (1), Large Size

43 Fox
8 Dagger
15 Light Armour

Critter cost: 66

I'd like to add some ranged power to the Warband but I'm a little light on pennies, so let's add a Dormouse Archer.


Move Strike Block Ranged Nimble Conceal Aware Fortitude Presence
d6 d6 d4 d6 d6 d6 d6 d6 d6

Small Size

24 Mouse/Dormouse
15 Bow

Critter Cost: 39

Finishing Touches

With 349 pennies spent, there's no room to add anything to my Warband except for ammunition. Let's add 1 Bodkin Arrow in case Holly has to take down a Heavily Armored foe.

I could free up some space by downgrading the Badger's armour (I do have a Smithy after all), cutting some spells, removing a Weasel's dagger, or even downgrading the Badger to a smaller, cheaper critter. It's tempting to make Helga a Spellcaster as well by moving one spell from Alistair, but I think I'll leave things the way they are there.

One other note is that because of Alistair's Weakness, he'll do -3 damage with those Throwing Daggers. Let's move them over to Francis so that he has something to do at range and we'll just have to remember to keep Alistair away from trouble. I'll have to record that Alistair and Helga both have -2 to Strike and Block due to not being armed with melee weapons.

The Warband Rating is 50 (5+5+5+20+10+5).

The last remaining details are to handle the two Strike bonuses. Let's give them to the bodyguards. Now it's just a matter of applying everything to the Warband Roster Template and save the Weaseltown Roster.